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Bulk Resume Parser Pricing

What is a Free Account?

With a free account you can parse 50 resumes, perform a criterion based search, see the search results on screen and can take excel dump of 50 resumes only. You can use the free account until you feel you need to take export dump of more than 50 resumes. You may then sign-up for any of the paid plans of your choice.

Can I change from the free plan to paid plan later?

Yes, you can upgrade to a paid plan at anytime from the "Purchase" link in your RecruitPlus Resume Parsing utility account or using the payment option below.

Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?

No money would be refunded back once bough. If you are not fully convinced with the product, we suggest you to buy smaller packs.

What is the validity of my subscription?

There parsing pack is valid as per the table below. We will clean up the accounts if they are not used for more than 6 months.

Option - Resumes Export PackCost (USD)Validity Period
50 Resumes Export Pack$1.003 days
500 Resumes Export Pack$10.005 days
5,000 Resumes Export Pack$90.0060 days
10,000 Resumes Export Pack$175.00130 days
20,000 Resumes Export Pack$350.00180 days
50,000 Resumes Export Pack$800.00360 days
1,00,000 Resumes Export Pack$1500.00360 days

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