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RecruitPlus – Resume Parsing API

Below is the pricing packs and associated pricings for Resume parsing API service. The API services come through our servers.

Note: We respect our clients’ data security policies and hence we don’t keep/save/store the copy of the CVs on our servers; this clause is also part of our standard agreement signed on subscription.

Number of Resumes PackPrice for Single application Instance (USD)Price for Two application Instances (USD)Price for Three application Instances (USD)Price for Four application Instances (USD)Price for Five application Instances (USD)Price for Six application Instances (USD)Price for Seven application Instances (USD)Price for Eight application Instances (USD)Price for Nine application Instances (USD)Price for Ten application Instances (USD)Validity (Number of days)One time setup fees (USD)
5000831672503334175005836677508333 months
100001252082923754585426257087928753 months
150001672503334175005836677508339173 months
200002082923754585426257087928759583 months
2500025033341750058366775083391710003 months
3000029237545854262570879287595810426 months
35000333417500583667750833917100010836 months
40000375458542625708792875958104211256 months100
45000417500583667750833917917108311676 months
500004585426257087928759581042112512086 months
5500050058366775083391710001083116712509 months
6000054262570879287595810421125120812929 months
65000583667750833917100010831167125013339 months
70000625708792875958104211251208129213759 months
750006677508339171000108311671250133314179 months
8000070879287595810421125120812921375145812 months
85000750833917100010831167125013331417150012 months
90000792875958104211251208129213751458154212 months
950008339171000108311671250133314171500158312 months
1000008759581042112512081292137514581542162512 months

Should you be looking for a higher parsing pack/number of application instances; write us at welcome@onlineresumeparser.com to work out a better deal for you; alternatively you can call us.