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We give you 10 reasons why you should manage & track your resumes with RecruitPlus Resume/JD Parser.

Simple, feature-rich & affordable

You do not need any training to use RecruitPlus Resume/JD Parser. If you can surf the web and check your mail, RecruitPlus Resume Parser will be a breeze. In addition, it is packed with powerful features and is low priced!

Too Fast - Make your manual efforts zero

System can parse 400-700 resumes per hour, no manual efforts required to punch candidate information in excel sheets.

Accuracy Level of Parsed candidate information

Online parsing utility parses the resumes with an accuracy level between 75-99.9%; Hence not much overheads on data validation.

Cost advantage

Normal cost of punching candidate information in the excel sheet is 20 cents; with RecruitPlus resume Parser the cost comes down to less than 2 cents per resume.

Go green

Use our service instead of using paper and pen or buying a new server, software and the power consumed hosting the app. Save the trees and help conserve energy!

Less Email Clutter

Once you start using RecruitPlus Resume Parser, you will automatically have less email clutter in your inbox; no need to make folders and sub-folders and defining rules.

Easy Candidate Tracking

Once you parse the resumes using RecruitPlus Resume Parser, you have the option to search them on various parameters with a single click of mouse button

You control your data yourself

You parse, validate and take the export dump yourself.

Automatic Free updation of new features

Whenever we make changes or add new features to RecruitPlus Resume/JD Parser, you will be able to use them instantly! No more waiting to get things installed. This is the power of software on-demand.

Absolutely no risk

Signup for a free RecruitPlus Resume Parser account and see if it works for your organization. If it does not, then cancel anytime!